The Grand Hall
Der große Saal ist das Herzstück der VILLA LEONHART.
Schon der Empfang in der offenen Lobby der VILLA LEONHART…
Kupfersaal – Copper Hall
Der Kupfersaal besticht durch seine herausragende…
Innovation Lab for up to 25 participants
The Innovation Lab provides a positive mood for change. The…
View of the Rhine II for one-to-one personal discussions
Located somewhat further away, this space is ideal for…

Kitchen Club for confidential exchange of views

The best talks take place as you know in the kitchen. With this in mind we make available our kitchen club. The fully functional kitchen offers here the excellent background for a trustful exchange of ideas. Located between the Innovation Lab and the view of the Rhine 1 the kitchen club is an ideal place of retreat and also a place for working in small groups.

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